Founded and based in Berlin, PAYE is a new collaboration of musicians Ufuk Elik (saz, baglama, lute) and Cem Dinler (keys, synthesizers) each of whom has been part of the music scene in Istanbul for many years respectively. They both grew up listening to traditional songs and playing Anatolian melodies. While Ufuk pursued his childhood dream and chose “saz” as his main instrument and Turkish folk music as his musical realm, Cem shifted gears into Western music genres and became a pianist after studying Jazz Composition. Their paths crossed, only after they both moved to Berlin and PAYE was born. The duo focuses on blending traditional Anatolian tunes with electronic sounds and reflects upon the history of Berlin from past to present, through new musical textures.

Ufuk Elik (1989, Istanbul) studied musicology at Istanbul Technical University. In 2008, he founded Istanbul Baglama Quartet and performed in various university centers, cultural centers, workshops and projects. Between 2010 and 2011, he performed together with Istanborg Project in Sweden. Next year, in 2012 he participated in the Geo Electroacoustic Project in Italy. After completing the graduate program in the same department and having worked as a teaching assistant at the State Conservatory of Turkish Art Music at Istanbul Technical University during these years, he decided to move to Germany in 2016. Since then, he is living in Berlin and works as a professional musician and a music tutor.

Cem Dinler (1979, Istanbul) Born to a musician family, started his academic education in Izmir Fine Arts School, choosing violin as his main focus. In 1999, he won a scholarship and became entitled to study Jazz Composition in Bilgi University, Istanbul. Here, he proceeded with piano and had a chance to train with world-known musicians such as Tuna Otenel, Ricky Ford, Aydin Esen, Ali Perret and Butch Morris. He played in many ensembles having multiple roles as either composer, arranger or performer. Not only was he involved in jazz projects, but he also played with famous pop musicians regularly. Based in Berlin since 2018, he carries on producing music of a wide range of genres and collaborating with musicians from different backgrounds.